30-Years placing dental Implants

30-Years placing dental Implants

Dr Chong Lim at Perio & Implants, Richmond – 30-Years placing dental Implants

If you’re looking for a successful, reliable, experienced implant specialist in Richmond, look no further! Dr Chong Lim at Perio & Implants is the dental practice to attend. Chong has provided quality care for over 30 years and successfully placed thousands of dental implants. His expertise and professionalism are beyond compare, making him one of the top specialists in his field. Whether it’s full arch restorations or just a few implants, come to Dr Chong Lim for all your dental implant needs. So book an appointment today and take advantage of this skilled professional’s knowledge to get back that sparkling smile you’ve been missing!

Dr Chong Lim – Proficient Dental Implantologist and Professor at the Eastman Dental Institute.

Dr Chong Lim is recognised by his peers as an incredibly proficient dental implantologist. He is a Hon. Associate Professor. UCL Eastman Dental Institute, where he imparts his expertise to students hoping to follow in his footsteps. With thousands of successful implants under his belt, he can confidently boast a wealth of knowledge and a well-rounded skillset in dentistry – making him absolutely masterful in teaching surgical and prosthetic implant procedures. His friendly and open approach to lecture style means he receives invitations to speak internationally.


Why Choose a periodontist to restore your smile?

Periodontists are experts in the intricate anatomy of the jaw bone and gums. They are skilled in soft tissue management for high aesthetic results. Chong is one of many periodontists whose superb skills and knowledge make them stand out when it comes to implant placement excellence. Always seek a periodontist to restore your smile!

Why do dentists refer to Chong Lim?

Chong runs a successful referral centre for dentists. Many dentists from Surrey and South West London send their patients to Chong for complex treatment as they know he has the knowledge and skills to provide them with a successful and long-lasting dental implant for their patients.

His experience and expertise make him a recognised expert in this field, giving local dentists in Surrey peace of mind when seeking his treatments for their various patient’s needs.

Benefits of Getting a Dental Implant from Chong Lim

For those seeking the highest quality dental implant procedure, there is no better choice than Dr Chong Lim.

  1. Dr Chong Lim is a recognised leader in the field and Implant placement.
  2. His impeccable track record for successful, safe and long-lasting results ( 30-years) makes him an optimal choice for anyone considering a dental implant.
  3. The combination of his field longevity and remarkable professor teaching the skill of implantology makes visiting Chong an advantage not to be taken lightly – an experienced professional with a proven success rate.

If you are considering getting a dental implant or want more information, get in touch with Perio & Implants Richmond today to book your appointment and put those worries behind you! Remember: work with an experienced professional like Dr Chong Lim and ensure you are on your way to feeling secure and comfortable again.

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