A patient story: Root Resection, my experience

A patient story:  Root Resection, my experience

I’m a 41-year-old man, with a history of dental issues inherited from my family. I’ve always prioritised good cleaning and regular visits to the hygienist, but despite my efforts, I was diagnosed with Stage 3 Gr C disease, also known as severe periodontitis and potential tooth loss; a serious condition.

Why I was referred to Perio and Implants

Throughout the years, I underwent numerous treatments, including root surface debridement, especially during my time in the USA. However, one persistent challenge was my lower right tooth number six (LR6), which had an uncertain prognosis.

When faced with the severity of my condition, regenerative surgery was not an option. It was at this crucial point that I was referred to Perio and Implants in Richmond.

I am so glad I did! Dr Ros and Dr Chong worked together to look at alternative ways to save my LR6, using all their knowledge and expertise to suggest

. Root resection is the process by which one or more of the roots of a tooth are amputated while leaving the crown and remaining roots in function.

The diseased root was removed
The single root was removed and the diseased area was able to heal

Deciding to proceed with the root resection was not easy, but I trusted the team’s advice. The procedure was carried out meticulously, and to my relief, it was successful, the tooth was strong and the gums healed well.

Lasted 26 years against all odds

Four years post-procedure, signs of failure began to emerge in my LR6. Despite this, I experienced no symptoms, and my maintenance needs remained minimal. Unfortunately, by 2022, the extraction of my LR6 became necessary. Remarkably, it survived for 26 years post-root resection, a testament to the effectiveness of the procedure when executed properly.

26 -years later

My journey with periodontal disease has been challenging but enlightening. I learned that success in root resection requires multiple factors, including good periodontal health, endodontic treatment, and favourable occlusion. Regular follow-ups and maintenance are equally important.

Thanks yo to the team at Perio and Implants

I am immensely grateful to the team at Perio and Implants in Richmond. Their dedication, expertise, and patient-centric approach have not only helped me retain my tooth for over two decades but also provided me with invaluable insights into dental health.

My experience serves as a testament to the team of specialist dentists who drew upon their knowledge and experience to consider all available treatment options, they offered me a tailored approach and executed procedures with utmost precision. I highly recommend Perio and Implants in Richmond to anyone facing dental challenges. They truly go above and beyond to provide the best possible care.

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