A patients story – Gum disease at 32!

A patients story – Gum disease at 32!

Gum disease at 32. Surgery cured me!

I am a 32-year-old man who doesn’t smoke. I discovered that I had advanced periodontitis, also known as Stage 3 Gr C periodontal disease when I was diagnosed with significant bone loss around my lower incisors and molar teeth. The condition could have been caused by the previous positions of my wisdom teeth, or it might just be genetics – my mother’s side of the family has a history of gum issues.

Knowing about my family history, I was proactive about my treatment from the start. I knew that I had to take charge of my health, so I had regular cleanings every three months with my hygienist at my dentist.

In the first couple of years after my diagnosis, Dr Ros O’Leary carried out two courses of Root Surface Debridement under local anaesthetic. That was tough, but I knew it was necessary. Things improved slightly but I still had issues, so Ros suggested we try surgery. It sounded daunting, but I trusted my Ros and was determined to do everything I could to improve my situation.

Dr. O’Leary has been on the GDC specialist list since its inception in 1999 and has limited her clinical practice to periodontics for over 20 years. She is a recognised opinion leader in her field and is often considered a tooth-saving expert due to her advanced training and expertise in managing complex cases. I knew I was in safe hands.

With Ros’s guidance, I underwent the surgery, and the healing process afterwards was surprisingly smooth. With time, I saw a complete infill at the surgical site, which was a clear indication that the surgery to replace the bone was successful. It was a relief to see such positive results after the long journey I had been through.

Looking back, I realise how crucial my rigorous oral hygiene practice is and regular hygienist visits, played a significant role in the success of my treatment.

This journey taught me that regenerative surgery can work wonders, especially when you’re highly motivated and diligent about your oral health. Even if you’re dealing with advanced periodontal disease, there’s hope. With the right treatment and a proactive approach, you can control the disease and improve your oral health significantly.

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