A periodontal Abscess – Amazing treatment!

A periodontal Abscess – Amazing treatment!

From Pain to Relief: My Journey with Dr. Delaunay with My Gum Abscess

 Before I stepped into Dr. Bruno Delaunay’s surgery at the Perio and Implants in Richmond, I was worried. I’m just your average person, not one who makes a fuss or visits the dentist regularly. But this pain in and around my left tooth, it was something else.  The pain kept me up at night, made it hard to focus at work, and honestly, I was worried sick about what it might be, as the lesion was getting bigger and not going on its own.

When I finally plucked up the courage to see a periodontist, I was extremely nervous.  I had no clue what I had, all I knew was my mouth hurt like nothing I’d ever felt before. And hearing I had stage 4 periodontitis? That sounded like a death sentence for my teeth.

But Dr. Delaunay, was great, he made no judgment for my less-than-perfect dental attendance or my brushing habits. Instead, he laid out this plan — focusing on getting my gums healthy without any surgery. Given all the madness with COVID-19, that was a relief to hear.

Dr Bruno got me started on an electric toothbrush right away and showed me how to use TEPE brushes to clean between my teeth. Never knew how much difference that could make. And the treatment, it was just him working his magic with just hand tools (due to COVID) and no antibiotics.

Coming back for my checks, I wasn’t sure what to expect. But each time, things were looking better. The pocket they measured in my gums went from a scary 11mm to just 3mm. More than that, the pain that had been constant was gone. It was reassuring.

This whole experience was excellent.  I cannot praise them enough. They took a situation I thought was worrying and turned it around completely. Made me realise how important it is to take care of your gums, not just your teeth. The team are not just good at what they do; they genuinely care about making you feel better. Can’t thank them enough for giving me my peace of mind back.

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