Alex’s Journey to Restoring Confidence and Functionality

Alex’s Journey to Restoring Confidence and Functionality

Patient Story: Alex’s Journey to Restoring Confidence and Functionality

Losing two front teeth due to trauma was a pivotal moment in my life.

The implants placed by my general dentist initially provided hope, but as time passed, the protrusion and unsightly appearance of my teeth became a source of self-consciousness. Despite being told that nothing more could be done, the dentist referred me to the expertise of Dr. Man, a prosthodontist talented in reconstructive care, at Perio and Implants.

Dr. Man meticulously explained the impact of my occlusal problem and why my teeth were chipping, shedding light on a previously unnoticed issue. Understanding the proposed treatment plan, which involved replacing two implant crowns and applying composite bonding to the remaining front teeth, filled me with newfound optimism.

This approach not only promised improved alignment but also addressed my occlusal issues to prevent future chipping. It was a relief to realise that I wouldn’t need the implants replaced and start from scratch. With renewed confidence, I decided to proceed with the treatment.

The results were nothing short of transformative. The treatment not only improved the alignment and aesthetics of my smile but also provided a long-term solution for my occlusal issues, granting me newfound confidence. The combination of new implant crowns and composite bonding resulted in better teeth alignment, a process that took a few visits but with amazing results.

Reflecting on my journey, the importance of seeking a dental implant expert for complex restorative needs like those involving angulated implant placement became crystal clear. Proper planning and execution, guided by the expertise of a prosthodontist, were key to achieving successful outcomes in my case.

This experience serves as a testament to the invaluable role of Dr. Mann, a highly talented prosthodontist, in addressing my complex dental challenge, providing tailored care, and ultimately restoring both the functionality and aesthetic appeal of my smile.

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