Case of the Month, Gum recession

Case of the Month, Gum recession

Case of the Month For Dentists! Gum Recession 

By Dr Estela Baz, Specialist at Perio and Implants & Recession Expert

We are excited to share our latest stunning case of the month, which highlights the issue of gum recession that many of our patients face.


Gum recession is a common problem; in fact, approximately 50% of people have some form of gum recession Gum recession is when your gum tissue pulls away from your teeth, exposing the roots underneath.

It’s caused by a number of factors, including aggressive brushing, smoking and even genetics.

How can Gum recession be reversed?

Gum recession can be reversed and this is the treatment which we have found highly successful.

In this case study, we show how a recession defect can be corrected with an epithelial-gum grafting procedure.

We hope that this case study can be a helpful resource for you and your patients as you work together to maintain healthy teeth and gums.



For this case of a single tooth with recession and localised swelling, oral hygiene instructions and professional mechanical plaque removal were given. To increase the band of keratinised tissue and partially cover the recession, an epithelial tissue graft was performed. Over the years, I found that de-epithelialising certain areas of the graft tended to provide more aesthetically pleasing blending with surrounding tissues.


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