Christopher’s case

Christopher’s case

After suffering from gum disease for a number of years, Christopher was finally able to control this problem, together with the help of his previous periodontist. However, by now Chris had lost many of his chewing teeth, due to advanced bone loss from periodontal disease. This meant that eating and enjoying common food was becoming almost impossible. A denture would not be a feasible option due to the location of these spaces. Sinus bone grafting was carried out with simultaneous placement of implants on both sides.

Even though the treatment was a bit protracted, Chris was actually more concerned about the fatigue that the surgeon and the nurse might have felt at the end of the procedure! Chris also had another implant placed at a later date, in the opposite jaw where he had lost another tooth. Recognising the importance of good plaque control for his remaining teeth as well as his implants, Chris continues to strive for and maintain an optimal level of oral hygiene.

Christopher’s experience

I only had a few teeth remaining, mainly in the front of my mouth and the most realistic option was to have implants. Circumstances required that I underwent more complex treatment than may normally be required. As someone with a lifelong terror of dental treatment, this was not a happy prospect.

My concerns were unnecessary. Chong Lim has such a gentle, calm and positive manner that I was at ease within minutes. He has dispelled my fear of dentists entirely and, astonishingly, I really quite enjoy my appointments with him.

What Chong has achieved for me is really quite marvellous and, at the risk of sounding too florid, life transforming. I can now eat comfortably and smile without embarrassment. Not only was he exceptional during the treatment stage, he has followed up in a way that shows total commitment, ensuring, amongst other issues, that I carry out a thorough cleaning routine.

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