Gary’s Case

Gary’s case

Gary had a couple of crowns placed in the front region a few years ago at another practice. Unfortunately, one of them was displaced prematurely, as there was not much tooth to support the post-crown. This is not an uncommon event. To remake the crown would have entailed a small surgery to expose more root structure, and thus a longer crown. As this involves the removal of some bone and gum tissues, future implant treatment may be compromised. Furthermore, the alignment of the gum margins would be uneven. Thus, Gary elected to have the remaining root of this tooth removed and an implant placed.

As there had been some bone loss, simultaneous bone grafting was carried out during the placement of the implant. After the implant had fused, further augmentation of the gum tissues was carried out with a minor gum transfer. Then, when the gums around the implant site had matured, an intermediate crown was made. This step is not always necessary, but when implant treatment is at the front of the mouth, this can be beneficial as the surrounding gum tissues can be guided to heal in a natural shape. This will help the overall result look most natural. A ceramic bonded crown was finally made with a screw-retained design for ease in future servicing.

Gary’s experience

I was first referred to Chong a few years ago through a friend who is in the dental profession. Through time, I have gotten to know him as a considerate and a kind person. I then made a decision to ask him for help with implant treatment for a missing tooth in a highly visible area. I was a little nervous at first, as I had some bad experiences with dentists in the past. I need not have worried, as I felt immediately at ease with his professionalism.

As I had lost some bone, this meant implant surgery was performed with some bone and gum grafting. There was some slight soreness but it was definitely tolerable. The temporary crown was left for a far longer time than planned as I was away, but to me, it was as good as a proper implant crown.

I now have my final implant crown and it feels and looks very natural. It does make another old crown appear lacklustre, and I will want to improve on that in the near future.

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