Louise’s case

Louise’s case

After losing many of her upper teeth on one side of her jaw, Louise sought the opinion of a top implantologist in the West End 15 years ago. Due to the loss of bone in both vertical and horizontal directions, bone grafting using some of her hip bone was recommended. This was deemed to be too invasive by the patient and she chose to have a long dental bridge placed.

This served her well until the rear-most supporting tooth became badly decayed and had to be removed. Such resultant decay on supporting teeth of dental bridges is not uncommon, as they are more difficult to clean.

Careful inspection, with the aid of pictures from a Cone-Beam CT scan, confirmed the lack of bone. Louise underwent conventional sinus bone grafting, from which she did not suffer much pain. She did experience some bruising, which her cosmetics concealed most effectively.

After six months, four implants were placed. During the surgery, it was discovered that not only was there a substantial amount of bone regenerated in the re-adjusted sinus space, but also, the width of the jaw was significantly increased. In this case, we were able to avoid the more invasive procedure (hip graft) and the necessity for hospitalisation. Instead, sinus lift was combined with guided bone regeneration, using BioOss deprotenised bovine bone powder. Louise can now smile fully and enjoy chewing confidently on both sides.

Louise’s experience

It was getting to the stage when some teeth would need to be replaced and I did not like the prospect of waking in the mornings to see false teeth smiling at me in a glass at the side of my bed!

My dentist suggested that I might like to consider implants and recommended Chong Lim. As I was 82 years old at the time, I was very apprehensive about the procedure but he was able to put my mind at rest by explaining very clearly how implants would be done.

He is a very kind, patient, caring person, is fastidious over hygiene and aims for perfection in everything he does. I am delighted now that all the treatment is over, except of course for aftercare. I would recommend Chong Lim to anyone who might be thinking about having implants in the future!

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