Pauline’s case

Pauline’s case

Pauline lost a premolar tooth when the post-crown snapped off. As someone with a broad, spontaneous smile, this was a conspicuous gap. A conventional dental bridge would have involved trimming two healthy teeth, which could then lead to a lifetime of monitoring and/or repeated treatment that may even lead to their avoidable loss. Like most patients, Pauline had declined the option of wearing a denture as it doesn’t feel real, interferes with speech, taste, chewing and would most likely have an impact on her self-confidence. An implant-supported crown was most appealing to her as it is the closest to the natural situation.

As we were able to remove the remaining root very carefully, using socket preservation instruments and technique, Pauline’s socket was well conserved. The implant placement, a couple of months after the tooth loss, was straightforward and uneventful. Restoration with a crown followed after 3 months.

Pauline’s experience

When a longstanding crown came loose, the remaining tooth was deemed not treatable as further decay had set in. Removal of this tooth then resulted in a very visible gap. I was very conscious of this when I spoke and smiled. Chong was very professional in his explanation of the procedure and outlined to me all the available options in great detail. As I did not want to damage the neighbouring teeth by having a dental bridge, the implant option seemed the most sensible long-term solution.

The implant surgery itself was rather uneventful, to my surprise. I had expected to have significant pain. When this did not arise the following day, I rang Chong as I thought something had gone wrong. It was a great relief to be told that this is the usual case for a simple implant treatment like mine!

I am very pleased with having my space restored with this and not ‘sacrificing’ my healthy teeth for a bridge. The detailed explanations, and the care and attention at every treatment stage that I have received, give me the greatest confidence to recommend Chong to anyone seeking implant treatment.

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