Covid-19 info

What can I expect for my next appointment?

Detailed information

Day before

  • We will contact you the day before to revise your medical history. You will be asked specific questions about your potential exposure to COVID 19. If you are unwell or if you answer yes to any of these questions, then your appointment will be rescheduled for a more appropriate time. If you have any specific concerns or requests at that stage, please let us know
  • Updating our knowledge about your risk to COVID 19 the day before will be essential to the overall risk management process
  • The risk mitigation forms will be emailed to you. If possible, please fill out the forms online and email back to the practice. If this is not possible, Nicole can ring to go through the questions with you over the phone
  • Consent paperwork, if any, can also be signed in this way and treatment plans will be emailed to you; we aim to avoid the use of paper and pens for the time being

Day of appointment

  1. Please try to come alone and only bring a family member if specifically required
  2. Please try and come at the specific appointment time to reduce the amount of time spent in the waiting room
  3. Please avoid bringing handbags and other luggage as this increases the need for disinfection afterwards
  4. Try to avoid public transport if you can
  5. If arriving by car, please let us know when you are parked, and we will ring you to ask you to enter the practice at the required time
  6. Hand sanitiser is available at the entrance to the practice. Please use this on arrival
  7. We are happy to provide masks and gloves while in the wating room but feel free to bring your own mask if you prefer
  8. Nicole will take your temperature on arrival. If this is raised (above 37.8 degrees) then your appointment may be rescheduled
  9. Please note all magazines and reading material have been removed from the waiting areas for the time being
  10. Please bring a drink with you if required as we will not be able to offer anything currently
  11. If you need to use the bathroom, please let Nicole know in advance
  12. A sneeze screen has been installed at the reception area
  13. We have installed HEPA filter air purifiers, with UVc inbuilt, in the waiting room area and in the surgeries
  14. You will also be aware of increased cleaning of all surfaces in the practice throughout the day by the team, to ensure the premises are kept safe for you and the team. Mild disinfectants (produced from electrolysis of common salt and water) is safe and effective. A fogging machine may also be used in the surgical rooms after certain aerosol procedures.

During the appointment

  • You will notice an increased level of PPE by the clinical team e.g. for procedures generating aerosols
  • The cleaning time between appointments will also be increased but we will strive to minimise the inconvenience to you as much as possible
  • There will however be no change to the treatment itself

On completion of the appointment

  1. You can elect to make your next appointment directly with Nicole, but appointment cards will not be provided or
  2. We can ring later in the day to schedule this for you


To avoid hand contact with payment machines you can pay by the following methods

  1. We can complete the transaction contactless while in the practice
  2. You can prepay for your appointment during the pre-assessment phone call with Nicole the day before
  3. We are still happy to accept cash if this is your preferred payment method
  4. Payment receipts can be provided directly and can be emailed to you after payment

Physical distancing but social closeness!

Being anxious about leaving your house and attending the practice is understandable which is why we want to reassure you with the additional safety measures that we are taking.

To note – you may not be able to see our faces in full due to the increased PPE requirements. Be assured however that we are still the same people that have been looking after you and will continue to do so.

If you would like any clarification about this information or would just like to run through the process with a member of the team feel free to email us or give the practice a ring. We would be more than happy to answer your questions directly

With kindest regards

The team at Perio & implant DRC. Safe, Effective, Caring.

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