Dentists Case report: Successful Regenerative Surgery with Advanced Bone Loss

Dentists Case report: Successful Regenerative Surgery with Advanced Bone Loss

Case Presentation: Successful Regenerative Surgery with Advanced Bone Loss

2012Patient Profile: The patient is a 32-year-old male, non-smoker, who presented with an advanced case of periodontitis. He was diagnosed as LAP (old classification) or Stage 3 Gr C, indicating significant bone loss in the lower incisors and LR7 LL7. This condition may have been influenced by the previous positions of the LR8 LL8. It’s important to note that the patient has a strong family history of periodontal disease on his mother’s side, which likely contributed to his condition.

Patient Attitude and Oral Hygiene: Despite his diagnosis, the patient was highly proactive about his treatment. His commitment to managing his oral health was evident in his excellent oral hygiene practices. He continued regular hygienist maintenance visits every three months without fail.

Treatment Approach: In the first two years following his diagnosis, the patient underwent two courses of Root Surface Debridement (RSD). Following this, a decision was made to proceed with regenerative surgery using Bio-Oss and Bio-Gide at the LR7 site.

Post-Surgical Outcome: Post-surgery, the patient demonstrated excellent healing. Remarkably, there was complete infill at the surgical site, indicating successful bone regeneration. His excellent oral hygiene practices and dedication to regular maintenance undoubtedly played a significant role in this positive outcome.


Learning Outcome: This case underscores the potential for localized regenerative surgery to yield excellent results in highly motivated patients where all other factors, such as oral hygiene and regular maintenance, are well-controlled. It highlights the critical role of patient motivation and compliance in the success of advanced treatments for periodontal disease.

In conclusion, while the patient’s genetic predisposition presented a significant challenge, his proactive attitude towards his oral health and the targeted surgical intervention led to a highly successful outcome. This case serves as an encouraging example for similar patients and underscores the importance of patient education and involvement in managing periodontal disease.




At 20 years, there was a residual pocket of 5-6mm but stable over 20 years with no mobility.


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