How do I clean around my implants?

How do I clean around my implants?

How do I Clean around my implants?

Many of our patients often ask:

 How do I clean around my implants?

What is the best maintenance regime for their implants? 

Do I brush and floss around their implant like regular teeth?

What kind of floss do I use? 

So, we decided to create a video to address these questions.

We enrolled our “super cleaner” patient, Steve, who we filmed while demonstrating the gold standard of dental implant care.

Good oral cleaning is essential, but also so is a yearly implant review!

Remember, the tissue surrounding the implant should always appear pink, firm with no signs of infection. 

An annual review means we can check your dental plaque levels around implants. We check for signs of an inflammation called peri-implant mucositis as it is prevalent with implant patients. If we see signs of peri-mucositis, we will address the inflammation quickly before progressing deeper into the gums and affecting the implant.

Book your implant review with us by contacting Nicole our receptionist who will book you a suitable time.

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