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Treatment design around you

Welcoming Relaxed Environment

Fear of the dentist is common and in extreme cases can prevent people for attending the dentist regularly.

At Perio & Implant Dental Referral we have been looking after nervous patients for a long time and we are proud of the positive  feedback we received  over the years.

Fear of the dentist can be due to many reasons,

 With fear of pain during treatment being one of the most common. but there are many other reasons why some people feel unable to come to the dentist

These include:

  • Memories of a previous experience
  • Loss of control especially during treatment
  • Embarrassment about the condition of their teeth
  • Lack of understanding of the treatment being offered

We always apply a holistic approach to look after all our patients. This is even more relevant with nervous patient.  The personality and commitment of the entire team members, the practice environment and how  treatment is delivered all play a role.

The Team
The Team

This starts with the first phone call to the practice.

Our reception team will talk you through the process of booking an appointment and will be more than happy to note all your concerns for the clinical team to be aware of.  The more information we have the better!

Our dentists, hygienist and dental nurses are highly experienced and will also be delighted to talk through your concerns, to seek a way to alleviate them.


The practice itself has been designed to be open and calming. Our reception room is bright and airy. The spacious room is fronted  by 3 large sash windows is more like a quiet living room than a surgery waiting room. We aim to have relatively few patients in the practice at any one time to avoid too much noise and distractions, but you are welcome to chat to our receptionist if it helps to take your mind off your anxieties.


Shared Decision Making
Shared Decision Making

At Perio & Implant Dental Referral we believe in involving patients in their treatment plans including how best to stage treatment to be more acceptable and also what forms of pain management can be employed. Following a thorough examination, the dentist will talk through the treatment options and possible treatment plans and get your feedback.

On leaving the practice we will send you a written treatment plan with associated costs for you to consider.

Pain Management
Pain Management

Having a sense of personal control during treatment is key to success. You can discuss with the dentist/hygienist in advance how best to signal if you feel uncomfortable or need a pause.

Modern dentistry has many new techniques with regards to the administration of local anaesthetics to block any possibility of pain including the use of topical gels to numb the gum first.   Most treatment carried out under Local anaesthesia will ensure  your experience is as pain-free as possible.

IV Sedation
IV Sedation

Intravenous sedation is a safe and reliable method of controlling dental anxiety.

For patients who are unable to complete treatment under local anaesthetic, we offer IV sedation under the care of a dental sedationist. She will contact you before your appointment to go through your anxieties in detail and discuss with you how best to manage your care in a safe and caring way. 

Advanced Implant and Gum treatment: Professionally delivered​

The heart of our service is the people who work here. A small group of us came together with the aim of delivering high standard, evidence based dental care.

We strive to help people maintain and restore good oral function, enabling them to enjoy a high quality of life. We do so with compassion, patience and always, due diligence. The feedback, continuous referral from our colleagues and patients are testimonial to this.

Trusted by Patients, their Hygienists and Dentists

Our clinical team is dedicated to deliver advanced implant and gum treatments. The 3 senior GDC registered specialists, with individual clinical experience of over 30 years each, have successfully performed thousands of grafting and implant surgeries, with over 30 local dentists referring their patients to us.

All clinicians have also always been actively engaged in delivering post-graduate dental education for their colleagues at local and university levels.