Olga Voitevic

Dental Nurse - GDC No. 151370.

Olga is our Clinic Manager and Head Nurse. She has worked with many experienced clinicians and specialists alike during her two-decade career in dentistry. Olga continues to pursue continual professional development with great enthusiasm, with a particular focus on implant treatment and patient care. She is fully accredited to manage and implement the ever-changing regulations surrounding medical emergencies and infection control. She is responsible for overseeing our internal audit processes, designed to review and improve our clinical protocols. Olga works tirelessly and diligently to ensure our patients have a pleasant and successful experience with us during their treatment visits. Patients often notice and comment on the level of dedication that she proudly applies in the name of customer care


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Chong is well-respected by his colleagues and known as much for his implant and periodontal expertise as for his consistent professional ethics. Chong received rigorous international training in the early ‘90s and is experienced in implant surgery and other advanced implant augmentation procedures, such as bone grafting and sinus augmentation, which help us achieve optimal clinical success.