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At Perio & Implant DRC, we will work closely with you, to preserve and build the foundations of your oral health. We will communicate openly with you throughout the treatment journey,  and ensure that your  treatment is undertaken by  our well qualified team, offering you the best possible outcome.  Naturally, we conform to the highest professional standards for infection control.

Infection Prevention

Our audited, comprehensive Infection Prevention Control protocols, are in line with the latest professional guidelines.

Barrier isolation  protocols, disinfection steps, single use items and regular staff training form part of the overall safety measures. We have a separate sterilisation room, equipped with the latest  equipment.  Your safety is paramount.  To this end, we regularly carry out demonstrable audits on our patient safety measures. Feel free to ask our staff about the steps we take to ensure your absolute safety.

Patient explanation

Patients generally feel more reassured  after we have discussed the proposed periodontal or  implant procedures in detail.  Some  patients, having undergone their treatment journeys, have also kindly  shared their experiences on this webpage and on Google reviews.

We aim for you to be comprehensively  informed regarding your condition and any proposed treatment.

Post treatment instructions

After treatment, we will carefully explain to you the required aftercare and instructions. In addition, you will also be given printed instructions. You can, of course, ask us for further clarification before, during or after the treatment.

Special equipment

We always aim to provide the most advanced periodontal and implant treatment, investing generously in continuing education and utilising state-of-the-art equipment and materials. This includes:

  • Dental magnifying loupes, which allow periodontists to view your teeth and gums in far greater detail during procedures. We have also installed a modern operating theatre standard LED light to further enhance our ability to visualise the treatment areas.
  • Micro-surgical instruments and techniques that, used in conjunction with loupes, can result in higher precision, reduced trauma and better healing, especially during surgeries.
  • Piezo-surgical equipment is a modern approach to bone surgery that is less traumatic to the oral tissues. When used in bone grafting or sinus lift procedures, the treatment is safer and bleeding is reduced. As the trauma to the tissues is reduced, healing is more rapid with less discomfort.
  • Low-radiation digital x-rays. Very low-radiation digital x-ray images are beneficial to our patients and are also a more convenient way to communicate with your general dentist.
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