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Periodontics and dental implant referrals in Richmond

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This section is oriented to providing information to our dentist colleagues.


We are committed to co-managing your patients’ periodontal health and implant experiences.

This begins with a referral from you, which can be done simply by completing our referral form or by calling us on 020 8912 1346.

Committed to co-managing your patients’ periodontal health and implant experiences

Rest assured

Rest assured, we will take care of your patients, keeping you informed every step of the way and return them to you with smiles on their faces. Their positive experience with us will reinforce their confidence in you.

Our approach

Our approach is to put your relationship with your patient at the centre of what we do, because when they are satisfied with our services, their trust in you will be validated and, in turn, your faith in us. In practical terms this means your patients will always be cared for in the same way you, or a member of our own team, would expect to be treated. Every patient you send our way is the equivalent of you sitting in our chair.

We welcome you

In fact, we’re happy for referring clinicians to attend with their patients at any stage in the consultation or treatment procedure. We welcome you and your practice manager to visit our practice and meet our team.

You can also contact us at any time to discuss patient progress.
We will communicate with you throughout the process, from the patient assessment through to completion of treatment, detailing any necessary arrangements for maintenance.
You will rest assured that we will keep you informed of your patients’ progress whilst in our care. And, as we’re purely a specialist referral centre and don’t offer general dentistry, you can be confident in the knowledge that your patients will be returned to your care once treatment is complete.


As well-established specialists and educators, Ros, Chong along with Estela are dedicated to supporting their colleagues’ continuing professional development with the provision of study evenings, hands-on courses and mentoring. The clinicians also have part-time Consultant and Clinical Lecturer roles at the Eastman Dental Hospital (UCL) and University of Bristol. Chong is an enthusiastic implant and periodontal educator. In London, he is amongst a handful of dentists awarded the ‘Fellow’ status for the International Team for Implantology, the largest international independent implant research and educational association. He is an accredited implant clinical mentor for the ITI and Straumann UK. Chong is also a registered speaker for the ITI & the AIC, the largest provider of implant education in Asia. He is also a faculty member of Straumann UK, and provides hands-on training for implant and regenerative surgical courses. Please send us an e-mail if you are interested in any of these continuing educational activities, or if you would like us to provide augmentation, dental implant or periodontal treatment for your patients.   Please click here to email us

Surgical training courses

As a well-established expert in periodontics and implantology, Chong is dedicated to supporting his colleagues’ continuing professional development in these areas. To this end, he is routinely involved with the organisation of practical hands-on surgical training courses and implant restorative programmes in conjunction with industry support  and academic institutions.

Hands-on training days are intensive, with close supervision, and the topics covered range from basic implant surgery to advanced bone grafting procedures. Practical work is performed on realistic models before practicing, under direct guidance, on real patients.

One-to-one mentoring for adequately trained dentists can also be arranged via the Straumann network.

Chong Lim | Straumann Clinical Mentoring (