Receding Gums

Receding gums

Receding gums are becoming more common.


People are keeping their teeth longer. Also, people are more conscious of their dental health. Sometimes this can result in overbrushing.

Unfortunately, some people are born with gums that are developmentally thin. This makes them more at risk of gum recession.  More people are having braces especially as adults. In certain instances when teeth are moved, the gums can recede around the teeth and especially if they are also thin.

At Perio & Implant Dental Referral we provide detailed professional advice on how to prevent the situation from getting worse.

However, some patients find their thin gums to be too painful for normal toothbrushing while others find that the exposed roots are overly temperature sensitive. Where recession occurs around the front of the mouth, this can also reduce the appearance of the smile.

What can be done about receding gums?

Gum graft procedures can address this and improve  the aesthetics of the teeth. They can also make the gums tougher to reduce the risk of further recession.

Treatment of gum recession usually requires a small surgery to cover the tooth with a gum graft. The gold standard is to use a gum graft from the roof of the mouth. External/synthetic materials can also be considered. Sometimes treatment can be achieved in one surgery.  However when the recession is more advanced, follow up procedures may be necessary

Estela is most experienced at surgical gum grafting procedures and she would be happy to discuss the various surgical options based on your specific condition.

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