What treatments are available for gum problems?

Bleeding Gums

Treatments for gum problems are wide-ranging and dependant on each individual case. Gingivitis treatment for bleeding gums involves undergoing professional cleaning treatment, followed by tailored advice on how to maintain an effective oral hygiene routine at home.

If your gum problems have progressed to periodontitis, we will advise you on the treatments we can employ to slow and halt the progress of gum infection or gum recession.

Gum disease treatment methods

When it comes to treating gum problems or gum infections, we always aim to begin with the least invasive approach using non-surgical means.

This involves decontamination and thorough professional cleaning that reaches under the deep periodontal pockets to the root surfaces.

This is the fundamental cornerstone of periodontal therapy and, in many cases will be the only treatment you require, supplemented by a good home maintenance routine and supportive therapy.

Non-surgical management can include any of the following:
  • Scaling and root surface debridement (deep cleaning/root planing)
  • Adjunctive antimicrobial therapy
  • Splinting of teeth
  • Reassessment and personalised homecare strategy

Surgical Treatment

In some, more advanced, periodontal cases, such as advanced gum recession, problems may persist despite non-surgical treatment and your best efforts at home. A range of minor periodontal surgical procedures are used to smooth or correct defects and irregularities in the bone and soft tissue surrounding the diseased teeth, with the aim of re-establishing periodontal health. These include:

  • Gum Pocket Adjustment Procedures
  • Regeneration Procedures using bone graft substitutes
  • Tooth Exposure surgery (‘Crown Lengthening’)
  • Gum Cosmetic Procedures to improve the appearance of teeth
  • Receding Gum Treatment which aims to protect/cover exposed roots.

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