The Tooth-Saving Experts Who Can Perform Miracles

The Tooth-Saving Experts Who Can Perform Miracles

Periodontists: The Tooth-Saving Experts Who Can Perform Miracles

Periodontists are dental specialists who focus on the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of gum disease and other conditions affecting the supporting structures of the teeth. They are often considered tooth-saving experts due to their advanced training and expertise in managing even the most complex cases. In this blog post, we’ll share an inspiring story of how a periodontist saved a patient’s tooth from extraction through regenerative surgery, despite the severe bone loss and persistent inflammation.

  1. The Patient’s Dilemma:

The patient in question had been experiencing persistent inflammation and deep pockets of 8mm or more around a lower molar tooth. Due to the severity of the situation, they were told by their general dentist that the tooth would need to be extracted. However, they sought a second opinion from a periodontist to explore any possible alternatives.

  1. The Periodontist’s Expertise:

Upon examination, the periodontist determined that regenerative surgery could be a viable option to save the patient’s tooth. This specialised procedure involves carefully removing the diseased tissue, cleaning the root surfaces, and placing bone graft material to promote the regeneration of lost bone and gum tissue. The periodontist’s extensive knowledge and experience made it possible to consider this advanced treatment option.

  1. The Regenerative Surgery:

The periodontist performed the regenerative surgery, meticulously removing the inflamed tissue and thoroughly cleaning the affected area. Bone graft material was then placed to encourage the growth of new bone and support the tooth’s structure. The surgery was successful, and the patient’s pocket depth was significantly reduced, stabilizing the tooth and preventing the need for extraction.

  1. A Long-Term Success Story:

Remarkably, this patient’s tooth has remained stable and healthy for over 20 years since the regenerative surgery. This incredible outcome demonstrates the power of periodontal expertise and the potential for long-term success when it comes to saving teeth, even in cases of severe bone loss.

  1. The Importance of Seeking Periodontal Expertise:

If you have been told that a tooth extraction is the only solution for your dental issue, it’s essential to seek the opinion of a periodontist before making a final decision. Their specialised training and experience make them uniquely qualified to assess your situation and recommend alternative treatment options that may save your tooth.


Periodontists are true tooth-saving experts who can perform miracles in cases where patients have been told their teeth are beyond saving. By seeking the expertise of a periodontist here at Perio and Implants, you can explore all possible treatment options and potentially save your teeth from extraction. Remember, it’s always worth getting a second opinion from a specialist before making any irreversible decisions about your dental health.

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