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Perio & Implant Referral Centre

We are committed to co-managing your patients’ periodontal health and implant experiences.

Advanced Implant and Gum treatment: Professionally delivered​

The heart of our service is the people who work here. A small group of us came together with the aim of delivering high standard, evidence based dental care.

We strive to help people maintain and restore good oral function, enabling them to enjoy a high quality of life. We do so with compassion, patience and always, due diligence. The feedback, continuous referral from our colleagues and patients are testimonial to this.

Trusted by Patients, their Hygienists and Dentists

Our clinical team is dedicated to deliver advanced implant and gum treatments. The 3 senior GDC registered specialists, with individual clinical experience of over 30 years each, have successfully performed thousands of grafting and implant surgeries, with over 30 local dentists referring their patients to us.

All clinicians have also always been actively engaged in delivering post-graduate dental education for their colleagues at local and university levels.

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Step Inside Our Practice Full Video

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Great things in business are never done by one person. They’re done by a team of people.

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